Thursday, February 26, 2009

A prayer request

I dare not speculate which one, but here is one of them loving on Fred, Shannon will probably be able to tell at a glance. I think I have avoided this post because it makes me sad.
A little over two years ago, my sister and her dear husband , and their three children (two girls and a boy) decided to enter the ministry. Not your typical ministry, but yet a very important one. They agreed to become foster parents. They decided there was a little boy out there who needed the love their family could give. Specifically a boy, to room with their only boy. However, God in his sense of humor decided to give her a hand full... Identical twin boys 13 months old, 12 days before Christmas.
These little guys own us all. We love them so dearly. If you ask them,"What does Aunt DaNella say?" they will say "Smile!" because I am always chasing them with my camera.
The part of this post that makes me sad is in March they have a court date, and may be reunited with their bio mom. If this is best for them, as hard as it will be, that is what we all want. However, a part of us would like to pray that they will be ours for good. Help us to pray for GOD'S will and not our own. We are claiming Jeramiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for the twins, says the Lord, plans for a hope and a future". He cares more than even we do.
So if you think about it, and get a chance pray for the "twinlets" as I call them.
My mom pointed out, if nothing else, if they are placed back with bio mom, they will ALWAYS have someone, several someones praying for them.
We will always love you twinlets!


Becky said...

Oh how heart wrenching... I'll be praying His will be done and peace for all and wisdom for those making the decision.

Amy said...

This breaks my heart because I have lived it. All I can say is that you're doing the right thing, praying for God's will. Whether it be for a season or for a lifetime, you all are sowing good seeds in those sweet boys lives. I will be praying for them, and for you. Please keep me posted. AGM:)

DaNella Auten said...

It's over! They are my nephews! Praise God!

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