Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Oily adventure...
Ok I admit it, I've been  dabbling in witch craft... Just kidding, become a snake oil pusher... ok, also not true {If you see this Deanna, I blame you for all the crossouts..} I have been experimenting with essential oils, specifically Young Living Essential Oils. I am not totally sold, but I know if I ever am, I'd be sold on YLEO... ANYWAYSE... I attended a video class with Anna L Wight, and they did a thing, comment that you watched, and we'll draw names and someone will win a free lavender... I won... Cool beans. So lavender is good for cuts, sunburn, and some other stuff. Well the only 'other stuff' I had was allergies. I had a nasty case of micoplasma (walking pneumonia) that left me with exercise induced asthma, which causes me to have allergies. Never had 'em before and frankly I'm not a fan... SOOOOO from what I've read, seen, heard, there are about 4 main ways to apply lavender, rub on foot, take in capsule, rub on face, or a 'cheek swipe'. So I started experimenting.... I haven't got any empty capsules, so for now that is out. Putting on the foot is still a little creepy... (Just being honest) so I'm left with rub on face, and 'cheek swipe' (ok, ok I admit I just think it is funny to put 'cheek swipe' in a little apostrophe induced fake quotes) (apostrophe induced? Can you tell it is 3 am???)
So I dabbed a bit on my finger  just touched the top of the open bottle and rubbed my finger on the OUTSIDE, and TOP of my nose...  Side note, I don't like lavender.... it smells toooooooooooooo perfumey to me.... ick back to your regularly scheduled programming... And nearly gagged... I couldn't breath without smelling it and I hate the smell... YUCK. I was in a room full of people, I couldn't just go wash my nose... Thankfully my friend Kayla pulled out her oils... she is fancy she has a kit, she isn't a fringe moocher like me,  and I rubbed some thieves on my wrists, so I could smell that. I love the smell of thieves...  somehow it sounds wrong to say I go around smelling thieves... I am not sure if my sinuses got better or not...
Meanwhile back at the ranch... My dear hubby, Q works as a manager at Pizza Hut. If he closes he doesn't get in till 1am some nights, and then he has to chill for an hr or two, and will come to bed around 2-3 am... I work in a hospital taking infant pics, I have to be up at 7 every morning... I can't stay up till 2... But I do if I want to see him... Since I don't have to work tomorrow technically today since I am typing this at 3am... I was gonna stay up and wait on him. I got a HUGE headache.... Since right now the only oil I have is Lavender, I rubbed just a dab on my temples.... thinking if it was sinuses that might help. I really do prefer natural to chemical when I can... That didn't help and the smell, uk the smell... So I rubbed some Icy-Hot roll on over that... Now between the two I began to feel better, asleep... Lol that was around 11 I woke up at 1:30 am headache free... So I came out to the living room, and sat with the hubby for a while. As I sat here my left nostril began to close... which is impending doom for sleep So when we finally went to bed, I thought, Lavender... ok how am I gonna apply it? I'll try a 'cheek swipe' it cant be that bad... I WAS WRONG... VERY VERY WRONG. It was worse than trying to lick a perfume bottle clean... no i haven't actually ever tried that , but this is what I imagine it would be like... ick, yuck, horrible, awful, horrendous, almost made me puke it tasted so bad. I drank half a Mt Dew trying to drown the taste... all it did was ruin the Dew taste... AWFUL. Finally I ate a cracker, and my mouth calmed down... However as I laid down to go to sleep, the time when if I have a stuffy nose already, it will get worse... I realized I can breathe... Now I am not entirely sure if that is because of the Lavender, or the trauma... lol

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No, you are not seeing things, this is a new blog post... I need to post more often. I miss it.
It has been a hard year. Both Q and I were out of work for at least 4 months, two of which overlapped... However, he is now an assistant manager at a Pizza Hut, and I work for Mom365 taking pictures of adorable babies in hospital.
I enjoy it. Q loves his work. all is good.
 This is our 20th year together... 20 years... wow.
And on May the 20 two very important things happen... We will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary... (pat on the back, big deal in this society...) and ...
our two oldest will graduate from High School (not a current picture btw)
God is good.
tgbtg...DaNella J. Auten
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