Sunday, February 27, 2011

God Has A Plan! and URNIt!

GHAP God Has A Plan! and You are in it! God tickles me. I have all these plans, all these things I think I want to do, but God has different ones. We had a plan, we were gonna be Youth Pastor's for a while, a maybe even throw in some Kids Pastoring in there, and then move on up to Senior Pastors... That is exactly what we did... after 13 Years or so of Kids and Youth Pastoring, we became Senior Pastors. BTDT GTTTP (Been There Done That, Got The Tshirt To Prove it.) And now we are Youth Pastors again, and THRILLED about it.
We are the Youth Pastors at Christian Life Fellowship in Calera Al. Yesterday we took our teen Drama Team to Fine Arts. We had ten entries, from Male Vocal Solo, to Guitar Solo, to Small Group Human Video, Large Group Human Video, Large Group Spoken Drama, and Small Group Spoken Drama. ALL TEN ADVANCED TO STATE! We are so proud!
A huge thank you to Lorna Davis, and her assistants Andrew Davis, and Stacey Meadows. They did all the hard work.
Oh and bonus, my two oldest kids, Matt and Nana are on the Drama Team!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dare I Say I'm Back?

I hope so. After a 6 week battle with ATT, we finally have internet at home. Hopefully I can post on a regular basis now...
So we recently had a Snow day... My kids can't just do a normal snow man... lol
Love it
Here are some pics I took.

Run snow man, Run

This is juju's snow man.

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