Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Wishes

The stores do it, so why can't I? Do what? Start thinking about Christmas. So here are some items on my Christmas wish list...

1. this is soooooooo cool! It looks JUST LIKE A LENS... but it isn't, it's a MUG! too awesome I want one please... It is only about $25.
2. This is also super cool! These are tiny lenses, a macro/wide angle, and a fisheye. They fit on your cell phone camera... How cool is that? I don't really want the fisheye, but I would LOVE to have the Wide angle/Macro... it is only $20 Not asking tooo much is it?
Ok that's all for now... I'll keep looking, in case anyone cares...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does God Care?

I believe He does. I found this today while I was cleaning... Enjoy. (I wrote it about 2.5 years ago...)

God Handed Me a Blanket.

Juliannah (6) fell and broke her arm, because of that, her left arm is in a cast, and sling. It really limits her mobility. She is having to be creative, and re learn how to do some things one handed.
We were driving in the car the other day, just she and I, and since my car doesn't have air conditioner, I had all the windows open. Sometimes that is good, and sometimes, not so much... When we first got in the car, Anny was hot, so she asked me to roll down her window. However as we started moving, she got cold and wanted her window shut. I was too busy driving at the moment, and told her she would have to wait.
If you have ever ridden in a hatch back with all the widows down going fast, then you know it is not uncommon for a small tornado to form inside and debris to start circulating (especially if you don't have the cleanest of cars...) Such was the case on this particular day. The debris that happened to float up was a blanket from the back. Anny grabbed it, and said "Mommy, I was cold and God gave me a blanket!!!"
I am so glad God cared enough to give her a blanket. What about you, do you need a blanket? After all, God tells us in Psalms 55:22 Turn your burdens over to the LORD, and he will wrap you up in a blanket... (DaNella's Version).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm learning to see sunsets again.

I miss my nice clean Fl beach sunsets... I am learning that even with city clutter a sunset is still beautiful.
Sometimes we need to relearn an old idea. I need to appreciate what I have and quit wishing for what I don't. Jus sayin...
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