Friday, November 30, 2007

An exercise in futility? Humility? Public Humiliation....

(photo not by DaNella Auten Photography)

I have to loose weight this year... 2008 I mean, but I have to do it for free... cause I ain't got no money... so, I thought if I post what I have had to eat everyday on my blog, maybe it will help me to cut back...Maybe.
Or just humiliate me in public... or not, because I only have three readers right now...(Andriea, Vickie, and Nana) (Oh, Nissa too! Exponential growth!!!)
Ok so here goes, and I am not going to eat anymore tonight.

  1. No breakfast, just a 12 oz Mountain Dew

  2. At 10:45 I went to Subway for a study meeting, and had a 6' chicken terraki and bacon sub with a root beer

  3. at 2 I refilled my root beer before I left and ate 3 or 4 chips...didn't like the way they tasted.

  4. for supper I had a hot dog with mayo and ket. two hash browns, one with cheese, and 4 stalks of broccoli steamed, with salt.
  5. For the sake of honesty, I had a Doctor Pepper on top of that Dew before bed, cause I had A LOT of homework to do. And, I forgot about the two pieces of butterscotch, and 4 small pieces of wt chocolate...

That's not a lot right? I will probably have another Mountain Dew before bed.

K love ya!!


Here is my before picture...
230 lbs

1 comment:

Nissa said...

Guess you now have four readers(lol)! You are such a beautiful person inside and out-just wanted to say that ;)

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