Friday, November 23, 2007

What a week.

I know, I know, I am slow to post. If anyone actually reads this on a regular basis, I apologise. No I am not sorry that you have to read it, I personally think it is fascinating :) I am sorry I am not more regular.

OK so lets do a week in review... there are some pictures that are in my head, that I have to find... What on earth am I talking about?

I Love hearts. When we were first married my dear hubby swore up and down I had a heart shape spinning in my head and it tried to make a heart out of anything I saw...Hey blast from the past... (singing) "Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a Tootsie Roll to me..." LOL Anyways, I have some pictures in my head, things I have to capture on digital film, but I don't really know what they are, until I see them in real life... Here is almost one.

However that was the start to a wonderful, horrible, wonderful day... It was a beautiful day. See the sun-rays bursting thru the trees, OK, also notice that I am stuck behind a school bus. However, that is OK... I can be patient. I was on my way to take my two youngest to school, and as I stopped behind this bus, probably at the same moment as I took this pic... (yes I am a photo geek OK I take pictures while driving... my husband has threatened to take my camera away... that wouldn't be a pretty site.) OK so anyway, as I stopped behind the school bus, the breaks sounded like they scrubbed... not good. Then, as I started to go again, my breaks were kinda stuck. I pushed on the gas harder, and it went. However, I knew in my heart that something was terribly wrong, and if I went to fast I wouldn't be able to stop, but the best place to pull over was still a quarter of a mile away... So not wanting to scare the kids, I turned my Christmas music up louder... No Room by Evie... and sang... as I prayed and drove very slowly to a church parking lot I knew I could pull over in. Sure enough, I made it, but as I pulled into the church parking lot, when I barely tapped on the breaks, they clamped down tight on the front passenger, and I had to drag it like a lame leg just to get the car into the parking lot, and totally out of the road.

So... then I had a new problem. We are in a financial crunch right now, so I can't afford what many people consider an essential, cable...OK so we don't have cable, I can live without that, the truth is I don't have a cell phone. OK so I do have one, a nice blue razor like phone... but I don't have a service... and for some reason they want me to pay to have one... go figure. Oh well. This would have been not a real big deal, but my youngest son had a field trip that day, and we weren't at the school yet. So, I flagged down someone and... Humbly... asked someone to let me use their phone. I called my mom and asked her to call my hubby at work.

Then I waited... and prayed. I needed an angel to come and get my kids to school... Sure enough, God sent one, she came and offered to take me and the kids to the school, and take me back to my stranded car, even though it was out of her way to come back to the car... Thank you angel!!!

So, then I waited some more. My mom was passing near my stranded spot, and decided to see if I was still there, and sure enough, I was. I explained to her that I somehow had to get to Montevallo, 11 miles away, to turn in my homework that was due that day... She graciously offered to go out of her way to take me.

As kind as it was of her to take me, there was a catch... I had to wait on her to finish some business in Birmingham, before she could come back by and get me... Long story short, I spent 3HOURS in a McDonald's with NOTHING to entertain me... When you start thinking you have met that fly somewhere before, perhaps you have been in McD's tooooooooo long...

However, the upside, is that it was just simply a bolt on the caliper that had come loose. All we had to do is put it back, and it was fixed... Praise God.
Yeash and that was just Monday... the rest of the week didn't even really make the charts... Praise God. I am glad for a little mundane. I am working on an excel file, to give to my children. It is called the Auten Family Thanksgiving Master List. It is a list of my usual Thanksgiving Menu, along with an ingredients list for each, (for a shopping list) along with all of the recipes. I will have a link to each recipe individually. Pretty cool.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, on Monday, my mom was on her way to a pre-op work over, because she had to have foot surgery on Wednesday, so on Thursday, Que and I went over, and cooked everything, served lunch, and cleaned up... It was fun we enjoyed doing it. Here is a picture of the lovely clove oranges my kids made for Grammy...

Also we got the Christmas decorations out. Every year, I put away all of my Nick-knacks, and put out Nativities. I have 18 I'll have to put up pics one day... OK so my point is I get a new one every year... This year, my new one is a Rubber Ducky nativity. My mom gave me one of my favorite one's 2 years ago, it is a huge statue, of just Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. My kids kinda combined the two, and this is the result...

Merry Christmas!!!! A little early.


DaNella Auten said...

If you Visit... Let me know, I don't think anyone actually reads this...

Anonymous said...

This is so good and I so enjoyed reading about your day God is good.tell my grandbabbies I love them Hugs and Kisses Oma Vickie

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