Friday, December 14, 2007


My husband is still not happy with me... But Oh well. He will get used to me... I wanted something different.
The really cool thing is how I got the hair cut. After my final final, I sold my text books. Since I had some business to do in Clanton, I was gonna see if I could get a haircut. I had heard that a friend of mine from a long time ago worked at this certain salon. So I went there.
The name of the salon was Miracles it is in Clanton, on Highway 31. The name of my friend is Christy Wilson Woods.
She and I became friends when we were 4 or 5. We were best friends up until we were 11 or 12, then we went our separate ways. I even named my first daughter, Christeonnah after her, and all the other Christies in my life. Her favorite thing to do was convince me fallacies were true... LOL I remember her telling me that being mature meant acting silly and irresponsible. I remember thinking that was not right, but Christy said it, so it must be true. lol I hung on her every word, and she knew it... Too funny. Now they are happy memories. We were like sisters.
Long story short, when she finished cutting my hair, I said "What do I owe you?" and she said "Nothing. Merry Christmas!"
Thank you Christy!

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