Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Sunday

What a wonderful way to start the day!!! My children made me breakfast in bed!! Wasn't that sweet.The really good thing is they are old enough that we could actually eat it! They made us pancakes. It was nice.
Then we got up and got ready for church... We had a good service, Pastor Mark talked about peace. The peace that passes all understanding. A timely message indeed.
I need lots of prayer this week, next week is midterms. I can do it!!! That is what I tell myself.

The kids were playing in the leaves today... this is a moment where Anny saw a butterfly in the clouds... I love this. Thank God for kids...
Ok, ok confession time.
  1. For breakfast, I had a pancake (in bed) with a cup of milk.

  2. At church I had a cream cheese pastry, with a Dr Pepper

  3. For lunch, a hamburger and some fries. with Dr Pepper

  4. then for supper, some cheese peanut butter crackers, and Dr Pepper

  5. also a piece of white chocolate.
Not too bad... I am still trying. My goal is to loose 70 lbs... I know that sounds like a lot, but that will only take me down to 160, 135 is supposed to be "ideal" weight for my height. So I think 160 is reasonable.

Peace out.... DaNella

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