Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Robin's Nest

I could be wrong, and please tell me if I am, I am ok with being wrong, but I think this is a Robin's nest. I had always heard that if you touched the nest or eggs, the momma bird would never return and the babies would die. I always thought that was kinda mean of the mama bird. According to what I Googled (everyone knows Google is second only to God) (YES I am joking, but they are usually pretty dependable) If you leave it alone, the bird will come back. Apparently birds don't have a very good since of smell most people thought the mom had abandoned it, because she will wait 8-10 hours to go back, not wanting someone or something to see where her nest is. Interesting huh? I thought so.
At any rate, the kids really got a kick out of getting to see the eggs.
P.S. We are working with the printers... Microbursts! should come out in the next two weeks!!! I am soooo excited!!!!!!! I am sure you couldn't tell.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Hmmm. Can't help you with identification of eggs. But they are beautiful pictures! You have quite a talent!

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