Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prayer Request.

This is a bonus Microburst... Fred is missing again... Pray that we find him, Tym is VERY upset.

Fred Doesn’t Have Any
Hair onOn His Head!
For Christmas this year, Tymothie (7) got a cabbage patch kid preemie, a boy, and he named it Fred. Tymothie is a wonderful father; he feeds Fred, and takes care of Fred, and Tym even gets mad at me if I just let Fred lay on his bed all day while he is at school; I have to play with Fred.
Recently, Fred disappeared for a few days. Tymothie was in tears; he was so upset. The worst thing of all was Tymothie knew we were going to be moving from that house in a few days, and if he didn’t find Fred now, he might never find Fred. I was, of course, concerned too. I hated to see Tym so upset, but we had looked everywhere we knew to look, and just couldn’t find him.
So, I prayed, “God, I believe that you care about Fred, simply because you care about Tymothie, so I am asking you to tell us, or show us where Fred is.
Lord, you tell us in your word, in Matthew10:30, that every hair on our head is numbered, so I know your care about details, please show us where Fred is even though he doesn’t have any hair.”
Later that day, for no apparent reason, I took a shortcut across our yard in the car. I was just being silly, not uncommon for me. God can use silly because guess what I found? Fred! He was in a part of the yard we don’t often go, and since he is a little brown baby, and we are having a drought in central Alabama, we would have never found him because all of the grass is brown right now.
As if to show how much He really cares, a few hours after God lead us to Fred, it started to rain! We haven’t had rain here in almost a month! God is sooo cooool!!!

Every hair on your head
has been counted.
Matthew 10:30

Proverbs 3:5-6

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