Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When you get the keys to your kingdom... be sure to make a spare set...

This is dedicated to David Railey... About 3 years ago, when the announcement was made that we would be leaving our position as youth pastors, to be seniors, David (who was visiting our church that day) leaned over to me and said "When you enter your kingdom will you remember me?" Well I laughed and said of course, but he forgot to tell me to make a spare set of the keys to the kingdom.

When we first got to that church as senior pastors, with in the first week, on a Sunday, Q locked himself out of his office (accidentally) and had to call a locksmith to come open it... lol

That was bad enough, but then, two years later, after we left that Church, and accepted our current position as senior pastors at Shebly Christian Fellowship, Q locked himself out of his office. Yes I am telling you the truth. Yes, this just happened, this last Sunday. Blessedly he had his bible, and sermon notes with him, (since it was rt before service). It was soooo funny. Another blessing, the former pastor Bro Rod, had an extra set still, and lived near by.

We got to meet brother Rod and sister Bonita... lol. Nice people.

tGbtg Amen,
Proverbs 3:5-6

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