Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hmm, Little Miss Muffet, a Spider and a Peach Cake?

Well, sometimes you just gotta fit the story to the pictures... This is just Juliannah. She is just a little princess all the time, so she has to find creative ways to express it. At first I thought she looked like little red robin hood, but well the next picture sorta decided on calling her Miss Muffet.

What you see here is a HUGE spider. What you don't see, is that I am inside while he is outside, and on top of that, I am 4 feet away using my wonderful macro lens... Ah I love my camera. It's name is Serendipity. Yes my camera has a name. It means finding fortunate discoveries by accident. My camera helps me make discoveries all the time. I love my camera.
As for the final part of the title, Sam made a wonderful peach cake yesterday. She used a can of peaches instead of water, in the mix, so it was very very moist, and then mixed a can of peaches with some confectioner sugar to make a topping. Was DELISH!!!

tGbtg Amen,
Proverbs 3:5-6


Sheila said...

my tummy is growling, just looking at the peach cake....looks yum!

Aaron said...

These are 3 awesome pics!!! I would definitely stay inside too if I saw that man eater!!!

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