Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

Disclaimer... for my readers who are democrat... I am sorry, you don't have to agree, you just have to love me...

Go McCain! I think he made an AWESOME! choice for a VP. Sarah sealed my vote. I love the fact that she is a mother of five, and a crack shot with a rifle. She is pro-life, and for the sanctity of marriage, and yet still sees the need to defend people from hate crimes. I totally LOVE the fact that she knew her son would be born with down-syndrome, and had him anyway.

I don't watch ABC's "The Practice", too much sleeping around, but as I was waiting for the news and looking out for weather alerts on "Faye", I saw the end of last Thursday's episode. A lady had been diagnosed with a genetically inherited disease, that she had a 50% chance of passing to her child. When asked about it, they said that yes they wanted kids, yes they knew the child could get the disease, but if children with that disease were never born, the husband would have never met and fell in love with his wife. I totally loved that.

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Anonymous said...

Good comments Danella and I agree!! I am impressed with her choice to have a child - we have a genetic disorder in our family that some people would say to abort a child over - I would NEVER do that. I think it's awesome that she made the choice she did!
Tami @ African Dreams

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