Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy 21st birthday Daddy. A little early. Or rather late?

The fam

Last year Shannon and I started a tradition. For Daddy's Birthday we take him out to eat. Yes a lot of families do that so we had to put a twist on it. It is just Shannon, Mom and I with Daddy. Just like years ago in a small kitchen around a round dinner table. Shannon has 5 kids, and I have 4, so getting the entire family together is a zoo. So, we decided to just go by ourselves, for some quality time. We really enjoy it. Last night we went to the Texas Roadhouse in Pelham. We were not aware that for birthdays they make you sit on a saddle... Daddy was a good sport. Here are some pics. Oh the reason it says Happy 21st birthday Daddy is because the waitress came over and announced "Danny is here with us celebrating his 21st birthday" lol
My heros Still in love
Shann and I
Daddy is 21


Sue said...

I think this is a special tradition! You look so much like your mother.

Aaron said...

So this is where the blue eyes come from:-) Texas Roadhouse yummy!!!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Oh this is soooo sweet! I love that it's just the 4 of you that go. It is probably so special for your parents that way.

Mark and I are sitting here together and we both noticed that you look exactly like your Mama and Sweet Shannon looks exactly like your Daddy!!

Love you guys!

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