Monday, October 27, 2008

The Big House

Not much to say. Today is a good day but a busy one. The place we are living now is soooooooooo small. I call it the Shrimp Shack. So my point was it is so small when we moved in we had to store my dining room hutch in my mom's garage. We were finally able to get it out today! We took it over to the new house.
lol I call the new house "The Big House". lol

Ok so am I the only crazy one who names houses?


Aaron said...

Hey as much moving as you've done, you need nick names to remember then all:-)

N G Robeson said...

No, not crazy. With as many as you've lived at, how else could you keep track? We've done that too although the names are not creative, we call them by the street or town where they were located. Darin's parents lived in the same house for over 30 years - the kids called it the "Big 'Old House". When Darin's brother had a kids, his kids heard the name and couldn't say it so they called it the Bagel House. It stuck. lol

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