Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas Time's A Coming!

I collect nativities. I love to show my children the true meaning of Christmas. I have about 20. Every year at Christmas time, I put away all of my nick-knacks, and replace them with nativities. I have long wanted one that was a true toy, so my kids could play with it instead of just looking at them. I finally have it! Here is a picture of it I took earlier today.
I took it out of it's package and set it up, took a picture, then packed it in a box to move... lol
There was a method to my madness, I also bought one to sell on ebay, so I wanted to take a picture of one for the auction.

1 comment:

Stonefox said...

Danella, you are so sweet. Thanks for the comment on my blog. My son would love this nativity! :)

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