Thursday, October 2, 2008

So much to post so little time!!!

Sooooo much going on! Ok I have to tell you about the frog, the horses, and the butterfly. There was a frog on my nose, horses in our yard, and a butterfly in the house. We are Sounds so silly, but all true! Ok, the frog.

There was a frog in the track of our sliding glass door, at about eye level. I do have a heart, I didn't want to close the door cause I didn't want to kill him. Looking back on what he did, maybe I should have just killed him and got it over with. No, I couldn't do that. I got a belt and touched him with the tip of it thinking he would jump out of the house to safety, but Oh, NOOOO. He couldn't cooperate he must be a rebellious frog... He got mad at me and jumped... let me repeat... JUMPED ON MY NOSE!!! I screamed. I guess the scream scared him and he jumped again, off my nose thankfully, and Nana caught him and I took a picture. See?
Ok, Math class is starting... more about the horse and the butterfly and moving later.

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