Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall Photo Fun

I love fall, when all of the leaves are changing... It is so pretty, God is such a good artist. I firmly believe that "All of Nature reflects the Nature of God."

Also I want to say hello to my newest follower, Carolyn, over at Mom Interceding. I love putting a face to the feedjit locations. I check it, and often can see when a location pops up repeatedly. But it is just not the same as having an actual person to say hi to. So I said all of that to say
"Hi Carolyn... thanks for reading!"


Carolyn said...

Thanks for the 'shout out'. I am so blessed by new friends bonded by Christ's love. Love your fall pics. I don't see much of the changing colors since I live in the desert. But our falls are wonderful with the cooler weather. God is so good! Carolyn

Becky said...

Great pics. I love the contrast in the last one. I'm gonna pop over and say hi to Carolyn :-)

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