Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am... (Becky you are good girl!)

Once again Becky got it right... I've never met you IRL Becky but we must be soul sistas or something... lol
In case you didn't see her comment, Becky wrote...

I see this all the time here... my kids love to step through it and make "foot tracks" In the morning the moisture in the ground raises up as it freezes into ice crystals, taking bits and pieces of soil for a ride.

This is fun. :-D

I have to agree Becky, this is fun. I totally love your explanation too. As a kid, when I would go to the bus stop on cold mornings, I loved to see in the ditch where the water had frozen and lifted pieces of dirt, or leaves up into the air on stilts... Neat o.
Here is my road I live on, it is a dirt road, all the white is ice...
Here is a leaf lifted on ice stilts.

Here is a side view of the ice stilts holding the leaf up.

All the little red pieces on top of the ice are simply pieces of good ole Alabama Red Clay!


Anonymous said...

Aha - not a fair question for those of us who live in Florida - the only ice you find here is in the freezer - lol.

Becky said...

Those are amazing pictures! I love this stuff... I also encountered it at the bus stop LOL. I have red clay as well but mine is from the California foothills.

P.S. I promise to get it wrong next time ;-)

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