Monday, January 26, 2009

Here is what I am...

I declaire a winner!! Angela Roberts... She came the closest. It isn't quite snow flakes on my car, but it is ice crystals on my car winshield... Frost... Frozen Beer Aaron? how would I know what Beer looks like? lol Too funny. Suzannah was close.

I asked her how she guessed it and she said... cool - glad I could do something right today
just looked like that to me. reminded me of the stuff on my car on Friday. But frost didn't seem right for that far north so...guessed snow.
plus the closeup was kind of snow shaped if it'd been completely focused.
the gold color on the bottom pic made me think of car paint - but the top pic wasn't gold so I wondered if it was reflection.

do i get a copy of your book? (lol)



Becky said...

So I guess it wasn't congealed fat, LOL. Oooo... a copy of your book would be a great prize. Of course you probably prefer that they be purchased. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh - I'm famous - lol.

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