Thursday, January 1, 2009

I was right!

I was right, 2008 was a great year. Way back on Jan 1, O8 I said that I just had faith that this would be a better year. For me it has been a monumental year, I signed a publishing contract, got my book published, adopted a Sam, had my first book signing, and we became the pastors of the most Awesome Church, Shelby Christian Fellowship. God is good. I know He has more in store! So here's a classic Myspace Mirror shot to end the year... I had on the blue cheetah headband, and bracelet and necklace my nieces and nephews gave me for Christmas, and the golden shawl my mom gave me.
It's my time to shine in 2009!


Stonefox said...

You shine, girl! Popped by to say Happy New Year!

Nana said...

I've just enjoyed all your beautiful pictures and writings :) You were right, I love, love, love the camera!!

I'm sure I'll visit again soon!!

Becky said...

Hey nice post. I love the pic of you covered in blessings. ;-) You even managed to look like you caught yourself by surprise.

Deanna Doss Shrodes said...

This is much better than a Myspace picture, actually. I love it! You should use it more, maybe even put it on the front of the blog in a prominent place? I really like it.

So glad for all that God did for you this year.

The best is yet to come!

Love you

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