Thursday, February 19, 2009

Promised birthday pics

Here are some glimpses from my card from my most wonderful Hubby. Mostly I just like playing with my "New" (Becky said I can call it new for at least a year...) Lens... And well it was sorta a married-peoples-only-understand-card... and I know a lot of my readers are 11-14 (my Nieces and my kids namely)

I will tell you the last line was you are that special someone who makes my life complete.

Coressa from church gave me this lovely three candle tree. I love it!
Sam searched me out some Daffodils! Everyone knows those are my favorite flower!
Sam made me a dessert Pizza for my Birthday.
Nana was kind enough to break a confetti egg on my head.
Also, Q made me some WONDERFUL Pepper Steak for supper! Yum. Thank you everyone! I felt very special.


Aaron said...

You are special!!! I love the smile on Sam :-) Tell what kind of lens you have. I'm not sure if I missed it or not.

Anonymous said...

So sweet!

Nissa said...

Awww...looks like you had a wonderful birthday...your family did good :-) Happy Birthday!

j said...

Very sweet! I grew up not far from Calera - Montevallo! My parents still live there. We are in South Alabama now.

I hope that you have a blessed weekend!!


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