Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ha! go Ruth!

Franklin Graham, who now runs the Samaritan’s Purse international relief organization, admitted in his book “Rebel With a Cause” that he could be a real handful as a boy - but his mother was equal to the task at hand.He tells a story about pestering his sisters on a trip to eat at an Asheville drive-in, a big treat in those days. He was out of range of his mother’s “quick backhand,” and even her shoe tree - a piece of spring metal with a wooden toe on one end and a heel on the other, which she would use to “extend her reach.”Ruth Graham threatened to lock her son in the trunk if he didn’t desist, a threat that didn’t deter him at all. Exasperated, she pulled over and locked him in the trunk, checking first to make sure he could breathe.Franklin Graham thought he would be freed when they got to the restaurant, but she kept him in the trunk even after the food arrived.LOL! Today, she'd been hauled off to jail and her children taken away. Bless you Ruth Graham. The world will miss you.


Becky said...

Oh how I've been Unfortunately our minivan has no trunk. Occasionally we do haul a trailer, hmmmmmmm ;-)

Karen Deborah said...

cool! very creative solutions. I was an old fashioned mother that just used spanking and other ordinary measures.

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