Monday, April 13, 2009

Prayer All Call!

Second attempt... slightly better. Still, Tym?

My Sister made these cool Resurrection rolls... you wrap a biscuit around a marshmallow, and then cook it, and the marshmallow melts and leaves and empty tomb...

I liked Deanna's Easter egg pic so I took one of my own.

Here are some Easter pics. I wanted so badly to get a picture of all of us dressed up and looking nice... Well noboy would cooperate... Well Q did, but he isn't a boy he's a man... Matt did pretty good. Tym... Could someone please tell me what he is thinking? And Sam... hiding... Chick... Oh well it is what it is... I'll have to do some photo shopping.

Ok I need to send out an "all call" (you know, on the cop shows, "Calling all cars, Calling all cars...") My friend Deanna needs some prayer... she is fighting a fight. So call out the troops and let's pray for her miracle. Thanks guys.

Oh, and this is my 300th post! Pretty cool huh?


Becky said...

Happy 300th Post!!!

I have learned to love the candid moments in family photos. There is always one lookin away or making a face. Makes it real :-p

I'll be praying for a miracle for your friend.

Aaron said...

Hey that was a good idea for the rolls!
I just noticed something about your egg...IT'S BLUE!!!

DaNella Auten said...

Well YEAHHH! I am a Blue Supremist... and if you look closely the house behind it is my sisters who is a Red Supremist... Her shutters are red... lol

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