Monday, October 19, 2009

He Took My Sins Away!

We are currently (2007) in a stage three drought in Central Alabama; we have about a 20in deficiency in yearly rainfall totals. It is so bad that there is even a small town, Wilsonville that only has one well, and only has seven feet of water left in it. While we were watching the news tonight they mentioned that Marble Falls Texas got 18in of rain yesterday. They went on to say that much rain would totally take away our drought. Well Tymothie (7) got all excited and yelled “They took our drought away!! They took our drought!” of course he had misunderstood and I had to explain that the weather man was merely saying that much rain could take our drought away.
We don’t even get that excited about God, and He did take our sins away. We should be shouting “He took my sins away! He took my sins away!” After all,

But the fact is, it was our pains he carried— our disfigurements, all the things wrong with us. We thought he brought it on himself, that God was punishing him for his own failures. But it was our sins that did that to him, that ripped and tore and crushed him—our sins! He took the punishment, and that made us whole.
Isaiah 53:4
(The message)

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