Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Since When Is Snoring A Ministry?

Since when is snoring a Ministry?

There is a young couple in our church, Mark and Stacey, and they haven’t been married for long, and haven’t been saved for long. We wanted to kind of mentor them some, and just encourage them in God, that He is worth the time, so we invited them over to our house for lunch one Sunday.

Quintin has been working two jobs, so he was really super tired. After he cooked lunch, and helped me serve lunch, he was even more tired. Mark and Stacey’s kids went to play with ours, and we settled in the living room.

Stacey has a camera similar to mine, and loves to take pictures, so I pulled out my laptop which has like a thousand pictures on it, and started showing some to her and Mark. In a few seconds we heard a strange noise and began to look around for the source. We didn’t have to look far, over in the recliner Que was snoring. We just laughed and went back to the pictures.

A couple of weeks later, at church one Sunday, Stacey’s brother Michael came up to us and said, “Thank you so much for having Mark and Stacey over the other day, that was such a blessing, you ministered to them so much. It even ministered to me!”

Poor guy, I laughed in his face… I didn’t mean to, it just came out before I could stop it. Then as he kind of looked at me funny, I said, “I am sorry, but since when is snoring a ministry?” Then I explained how Que had slept most of the time.

I guess it just goes to show you never know when you are ministering to someone, just by being yourself.

My eyes will be watching the faithful people in the land so that they may live with me. The person who lives with integrity will serve me.

Psalms 101:6

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