Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Fun

Let me just say my children are special... Yeah, my daughter, Nana, and her twin cousin Rebekah were jumping on pogo sticks shaking hands... Nice. lol

We call them twin cousins because they were born 10 days apart.

Then we each had boys born 5 days apart... as if that weren't enough, then Shann got twin boys in foster care... lol
Since I can't post recognisable pictures of the twins, this is as close as I get. It is really cool, Shann has these figurines, and they really closely resemble her family right now. She has two older girls, a slightly younger boy, and then the twins.
Some children are birthed in the womb, others are birthed in the heart.
We were playing a card trick, a special way of identifying the card, and they had to figure out the trick... We had so much fun!

Before they could guess I had to whack them with the magic spatula to endow them with the knowledge of which card had been chosen while they were out of the room. At the end of the night, all of us but Uncle Jimmy had figured it out... He gave up. We'll get him next time.
Me whacking mama... Musta worked, she got it!

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