Friday, February 12, 2010

Why I want to grow old with you.

Why wouldn’t I? You are the most awesome Godly Man I know. You constantly think of us, your family first.
Way back almost 17 years ago when I met you, I had no idea that the cute red head who was gentleman enough to give me his stool in the break room, since I had nowhere to sit, would be this amazing. But I sure thought you were cute. I still remember standing out at that fireplace where we worked, thinking about going to Pea Vine Falls. You see, I had driven up Oak Mountain to Pea Vine falls my first day of work. When I went outside to go home that first day, I had a flat tire. Being the princess I was, I called my Daddy to come (almost an hour away) to change it. I knew how to, but I didn’t want to get dirty. Daddy fussed at me when he found out I had driven up Oak Mountain all by myself, he said “What if you had gotten a flat tire all the way up there. Then what would you do?” I knew what I would have done, change it. However, as I stood there by the fireplace thinking, I said to myself, “He couldn’t fuss at me if I had someone with me. He really couldn’t fuss if it was a guy, then he could change the tire…” At that precise moment, you, my adorable redhead walked up to me and said “Hi.” And as you remember, I blurted out “Hey, you are off Monday, aren’t you? Do you want to come with me to Pea Vine Falls?” and you grinned real big and said… “Yes!”
Little did I know that at that precise moment you had just gotten up enough courage to walk out to the fireplace to ask me out. I saved you the trouble. But then I caused you trouble. I had never in my life asked a guy out, never, never! It just wasn’t done. A true lady did not ask a guy out, she waits for him to ask her out! So, I got nervous and tried to undo what I had done. On Monday, it was raining, so I called you and said “Darn, It’s raining, I guess we can’t go.” Then I basically said bye and hung up. I didn’t leave you a choice. I almost threw away the most precious thing in my life, the chance of a lifetime, because I didn’t realize what I had. Thankfully you wouldn’t give up that easily. The next day at work you asked me out… I said yes. We went to see Jurassic Park. I am not sure what did the trick, but somewhere between me getting ice-cream on my nose, and you putting your arm around me when I got scared in the movie, we fell in love.
Three weeks later, after you kissed me for the first time, I told a mutual friend, “I have met the man I’ll marry. Not have a relationship with, but marry.” 16 years later, and I still look forward every morning to seeing your face.
I love you!
Love Baby D.


Anonymous said...

interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

DaNella Auten said...

Thank you anonamous. I am not on twitter, I do blog here, and I have a book published called Microbursts!

Unknown said...

Maybe someday I'll meet someone who inspires those sentiments from me. Right now, the only thing I'm inspired to do by what's-her-face is to gag when I read those sentiments.

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