Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's just call it Nasty November...

Why you may ask? Wow, it has been a month. I started it off, the first day of November by a trip to the emergency room!!! Yay! wasn't me, was Juju, and we thought possible appendicitis... ewww. Finally at 2 am they say "naw... you're full of crap." and send us home to take some puralax... Yes literally full of crap, she had a back up poor girl.
A few days later my back/left side started really hurting... I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle when I was crammed on the gurney with Juju napping in the ER at 1 am... Then these weird spots came up. It looked almost like poison oak or something... I thought maybe I had gotten a slight burn, I had been living on the heating pad, trying to help the pain. Then we thought it was a kidney stone. The pain was very localized, and right where my left kidney should have been. Que teased me about the spots saying the kidney stone was trying to come out my side.
So I took this awful, awful let me repeat AWFUL home remedy, 2oz of lemon juice, and 2oz of olive oil gently stirred together, drink it like a shot... After the first swallow you don't taste anything... your taste buds are singed!!! I drank it, hoping to relieve the pain... It didn't help.
I went to the doctor on monday, they said "Well it isn't a kidney stone, but you have some sort of infection, according to your white blood count." That didn't help any, I was in pain.
So what did I do, just keep on keeping on.
Finally Que looked at me one day, and said "Does Shingles have a rash with it?"
BINGO No i'm not kidding. IKR??? I'm only 37 too young for shingles I thought. So now towards the end of the month, I am finally beginning to feel better, the shingles are drying up, one even fell off... yay. and guess what... I got the flu which left me with Bronchitis.... SHEASH. Will it never end? Yes it will, TODAY!
Today is the last day of November. It's rainy out today, lots of storms, which I love, so I am hiding in a Starbucks until it is time for my class. When I went up to the register to get something to eat, a lady walked up behind me and said "Let me get that!" and proceeded to pay for my drink and muffin!
December is looking better already!

If God cares enough to paint stripes on acorns, and place polka-dots on leaves,
SURELY he cares for you!

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Deanna Doss Shrodes said...

Miss you posts. Love your pics!

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