Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wuv, True Wuv...

(I didn't take this picture, but it is so cute...)

I recently had an argument with someone, you know who you are, and you know I still love you, we just disagree. The statement I made that they disagreed with was “There is no reason for two people who are actively perusing God to get a divorce.” Their argument was that I had never been in a bad marriage, and they had. Actually, let’s see I’ll call you… Kira, I don’t know any Kiras, and if a Kira reads this, you’ll know the name is a pseudonym. So anyways… Kira said “You don’t know, you’ve never been in a bad marriage.” Well that shut me up for a minute or two… However, I am kinda funny that way, if something bothers me I have to simmer on it. Not as in getting mad, but just honestly consider it, sift it, and decide how I feel about it. I learned long ago not to trust my emotions. Emotions are like a runaway dog that needs to be leashed and told where to go. No matter how I feel that doesn’t make it true. If I make the right choices, the right emotions will follow.

For example… (haha wish the dots made noise, dut dut duuu) lol I don’t always feel love for my husband, but I always love my husband. I CHOOSE to love him, but the warm fuzzies got a cold shave many years ago… But because I keep choosing to love him every day, eventually the warm fuzzies come back… and leave, and come back… Does that mean I stop loving him when I don’t feel it? No, I am committed to him. I choose to love him even when I don’t feel it.

Now that is why it hit me a few days later, I have been in a bad marriage. We have had days, months probably even a year that we… well let’s just say love is not an accurate word for what we felt at that time. I fall out of love every day and jump right back in.

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