Saturday, October 27, 2007

A beautiful sunrise peaking out from behind the clouds as an unknowing horse grazes in a lush meadow. The horse has no idea how blessed he is. After three long days of rain, finally the sun comes out again victoriously. Reminds me of God, when we are in the middle of storms in our lives that seam to last for days, finally God shows up, and breaks through our clouds and teaches us to trust Him more...

Funny, I haven't even seen the light yet in my current trial, but I am sure he is there, waiting for the proper time to step in and set things right. I know he will.

Ok I am not always that serious, the picture inspired it in me. I just got a Nikon D80. Awesome camera!! Takes some totally awesome pictures, so expect to see alot of them.

The other day, Friday 26th, I just had a feeling, so I grabbed my camera as I headed out the door. I am currently a student at the University of Montevallo, in Montevallo Al. Just up the hill from the college is this beautiful view. So tranquil. Horses grazing on a lovely horse farm... hills, trees, and on some days, clouds! I love clouds! I am certian they are merely a fluffy stepladder to heaven.

God and I, we are tight we hang togeather all the time. If you don't want to know Him, don't bother getting to know me, or I might get on your nerves. But if you are willing to chance it, so am I.

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