Monday, October 29, 2007

Focusing on the Furthest Daisy.

Pastor Mark spoke yesterday on God’s will, how there are really three layers of God’s will; God’s sovereign will, God’s moral will, and God’s individual will. The three are basically layered. God’s sovereign will, is basically God wants everyone to be saved. God’s moral will is a little different; it is dealing with more specific areas, like should you have premarital sex, should you steal, should you go to church, things the bible teaches us. God’s individual will is more specific still; God has a specific plan for you, and me.
It made me think of a picture I took recently, a picture of a daisy. There were several fall daisies growing in a cluster. When I stopped to take a picture of them, I realized way back in the back was a small daisy. I specifically focused on the one that was furthest away. I wanted to look beyond the obvious to see the unnoticed. Sometimes that is what we have to do, look beyond our comfort into His plan. Don't settle for comfortable, when wonderful is just over the next horizon.

Then, as if to show me that He has a plan, and He knows where I am… Mark asked his Mom and Dad to come forward and be available to pray with people, they are retired Missionaries… Very much respected and loved, spiritual giants, (although Sara will laugh at me when she reads this, she is humble, as she should be). THEN… this is the amazing God part…Then, Mark asked me and Que to go up and stand beside Vernon and Sara… Wow! What an honor… I felt like a spiritual ant standing beside a spiritual giant. You Go God… Thank you God.

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