Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Partner in Crime...

My husband is my life partner. We are more than just married, we are friends. We love to be together. We have the most fun playing tricks on our kids… Poor little Children, had to be born to us… Our oldest son is … well gullible… and we take advantage of that fact. He happens to be afraid of spiders. Well I tell him not to worry, I’ll take him to the hospital if he gets bit. Somehow he doesn’t find the comfort in that. We got him twice yesterday, Anny had a plastic spider… and well you can guess. He thought it was real for a second or two. It was long enough to make him panic. The best one was when he was helping Daddy tear down the front porch ( it broke, so we had to tear it down and rebuild it), Que put the spider up on a board up above Matt’s head, and was able to make it fall down right on top of him… while Matt was looking up. The jig he danced was classic. Perfect timing and everything. Matt is a good sport about it.
Did you know that you can take the shower head off and put kool aid (just the powder) in the head, then screw it back on, and the water will come out what ever color the powder was… Yeah well Matt got a red shower the other day.
No, we don’t just pick on Matt, as a matter of fact, just today we had them all convinced that we were an hour late for church… and that we didn’t care. (A big thank you to daylight savings for helping us pull that one off.) My point is we enjoy life… We have fun, and we do it together. We spend time enjoying each other. Life is fun. I hope you have someone to enjoy it with.

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a friend said...

ok your life is so cool and matt is funny

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