Friday, November 9, 2007

Good Friends

I love being creative!I have a really good friend, Andriea, she inspires my creative side. I am a camera fanatic! I take it with me everywhere I go, and take pictures of anything that will stand still and some things that won't be still.

Andriea sells puppets, and needed some pictures, so she asked me to take them, and this is what we came up with. She suggested taking them outside, and I thought of the camp fire. It was a little tricky editing my 11 yr old out of the pic. (she was holding their heads up).

I can't not do it though, to see all the beauty God creates, it is almost like God is begging me to take the pictures, like he is showing off.

Look at this, a leaf almost perfectly split in half with fall colors, against a georgous blue sky...

See the sun beam shine down on the roof of this abandoned shack, almost as if God is saying to it, I haven't forgotten you. See the steam rising off of the roof.Wow, what a sunrise! Who could paint it better?Awesome, sun beam, mist, trees and sky... All of nature reflects the nature of God. How amazing My God is! Yet, he cares for me. wow.

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