Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas presents

We aren't mean parents, I promise... We just take advantage of an opportunity when given one. Today I was blessed. A local church asked if they could help us with Christmas this year. Being that we are VERY tight this year I readily agreed. I got to go pick up their presents today. I almost cried. Mineral Springs Baptist Church in Jemison were wonderful to my family this year. They even gave me and my husband some stuff. One thing that I can write about... (my oldest daughter reads my blog pretty regularly) is we got Clue. The funny thing is we just bought Clue, and gave it to the kids. So all night long, we were holed up in our room, and one at a time wrapped presents were being handed out the door, to be put under the tree. At the end of the night, the kids were begging us to let them open just one present. With a glint in his eye, Q said, "I know a present they could open..." I knew exactly what he was thinking, so I said "What ever Daddy thinks." So Q directed them to one certain present. They tore into it, only to shout "Daddy! Yall are mean!", when they saw the Clue box! It was funny.
About that time Matt came home from his drama team Christmas party. As they were going off to bed I heard Nana ask him about his party. The conversation went something like this...
Nana said "Was there anything dirty there?"
"Like what?" Matt said."Dirty underwear of something?"
" Yeah," Nana said, "Why is it called 'Dirty Santa'?"

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