Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Pray for my mom, she went to the Doctor, and they said she has a tumor in her abdomen. Right now we don't know a lot, there is an 80-85% chance it is non-cancerous. Right now I am not concerned, Just pray.
She had a non-cancerous tumor on her foot, that she just had removed, and minor complications from that revealed this one. That one was caused by years (10-12) of wearing high heels everyday in the corporate world. Price to be paid for beauty huh?
So, anyway, I sat Matt and Nana down and told them all of this, and that we don't know a lot, but we need to pray for Grammy. When I finished, Matt silently got up and went straight to my closet and said "That has to go, that has to go, and that..." I said "Matt, what are you doing?" He was throwing away all of my high heels... LOL

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