Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I love Christmas time. I love my Christmas tree! Every one of my ornaments has a story behind it. Here are a few. I collect nativities, so a friend of mine saw this nativity ornament and bought it for me.

Another dear friend, Kathy, from Fl. gave me this snow flake. I am a snow flake fanatic. I love them, they are so pretty!! When I went over to Kathy's house one year at Christmas, I saw this ornament hanging on her tree, and I exclaimed over it. "Oh! I love this! it is so pretty!" so she took it off of the tree and gave it to me.

Another tradition we have is we try to buy a ornament for every family member each year. As you can see, this one says Mom and Dad, and 2004 Q and I usually try to get one that show us together, like this one...
I just love this one, we look so in love!!!
I love my Que!
Love you too,

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