Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Confession time...

The food is taking up tooo much space in my blog. So, let me know what you think, I'll put up another poll.

Should I keep posting my food every day, or is it boring you to death. You can also leave a comment, or email me at Godlyspice@yahoo.com .

In the mean time...

  1. a Mt Dew (see a trend here?) a 3 musketeer, and a serving size bag of bugles

  2. a double cheese burger (Mc D's) and Dr P

  3. Taco stuff. only one helping, and a small one at that... with a Mt Dew

  4. another Mt Dew while working on home work.

It has helped me to think about what I eat more, but it has confirmed what I knew, I already don't really over eat. (couldn't prove that by my waist line)

Love ya!


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