Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good Times, Good Friends

Tonight we went to Sylacauga, Pastor Greg and Sister Tammy came up from Cape Coral, so we went to hear him preach. Then a large group of us went out to Ryans. You have to understand, Pastor Greg was our senior pastor, (aka boss) for about 6 years... So, given the opportunity to mess with him... I DID! I went and told the peeps at Ryans that today was October 25... Pastor Greg's birthday!!!

So they came to Sing to him, He was so grateful, that he gave Q a kiss, wasn't that sweet!!!
Here are some of the people from Vincent that came to have dinner with us.

Linda, Butler, Ms Karen, Terry and Anita, Matt, Robert, Josh, and Kayla

Then of course, Pastor Greg, Tammy, Amber, Heather, Arron, Me, Que, Matt, Nana, Tym and Anny

Nana is still bigger than Heather, even though Heather is older than her...


Anonymous said...

Nellie!! Does everybody know how much you love to be called Nellie? Anyways, I love your pic of the branches. God is really cool, huh. Jesus is my fave. Oh, and a Meme is a granny. My kids have one don't ya know. My oldest couldn't say Grammie when he was a baby and Meme stuck like glue. I guess a meme could be a selfish person too ME! ME!), but our Meme is sweet & selfless. She's my mommy. Anyways, I love ya. Thanks for keeping it real. I wish everybody would. I know some of them "perfect Christians" out there may not like it, but we who are still human and have not yet arrived to the perfection of Christ yet really love and appreciate everything that your life brings to ours. I love you BFF&F!

DaNella Auten said...

No, everyone does not know that I HATE to be called Nellie!!!!! It reminds me of Nellie Olsen, and she was always so mean! I Don't want to be associated with a mean person... lol so THANKS ANDI!!!!

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