Monday, December 31, 2007

More friends...

Sorry Matt, it was the only pic u would let me take... Next time smile, you'll like it better.
Kayla would have let me take another, but I forgot to ask so this will have to do.
Josh saw me coming, and wanted to look nice!! And you do Josh!
Terry and Anita, and Terry didn't break the camera!!! It's a miracle...(I love you Terry, and Anita too!) No Heather is not that tall, she was sitting on a ledge.
Interesting fact, Matt is 5 mos older than Heather, and Heather is 8 mos older than Nana
Tymothie is 5 mos older than Aaron, and Aaron is 9 mos (to the day, October 3 to July 3) older than Anny.

K love to all!!! Happy New Year!

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