Thursday, December 27, 2007

You and Me...

" When I'm with you everything and everyone else just fades away..."

I love my husband. He is so precious. Here is a picture of us at Christmas 2001. We were youth pastors, in Vincent Al. We had four kids, 5, 4, 1, and 5 mos. Yeah, you read right. We were living in a little 800 sq ft house, a parsonage. No we weren't rich, but we had love... and lots of fights over money, or lack there of. We fought because I didn't keep the house clean enough... (duh with 4 little ones, anything I did was undone in record time. Not to mention the fact that I was breastfeeding the littlest, and I was sleep deprived. )

My point is Love is a choice. We choose to love someone or choose to hate someone by the choice thoughts we choose to think about someone. Tonight as my husband was leaving to take the boys to wrestling practice, I asked him to put his bowl in the sink. Did he? No. Is the bowl even at this moment sitting where it was when I asked him? Yes. Will I forgive him? I already have. I forgave him before he forgot to do it. Why? How? When I asked him to do it, I choose that even if he forgot I would not be mad. Why? It makes my life easier. Why waste my time being mad at him. Just put the stupid bowl in the sink, and go on with life.

I Choose to love my husband.

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