Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What on earth is a Meme?

Me and My sis Shannon, Naughty, it fits her... lol

So what is a Meme? Pronounced in a way to rime with Dream, it is when some one finds a set of questions made by someone else, and answers them with their own information. My spacers call em polls. So here is a interesting one. I am supposed to just use one word answers, but... sometimes it is hard. I am a lady of many words... Oh and Thanks to Deanna Shrodes, I swiped this meme from her.

Yourself: Quirky

Your Partner: Precious

Your hair: thick

Your favorite item: Milly!

Your favorite drink: Mountain Dew! (Hey that is one word)

Your dream car: SeatSeven (that is a new word, don't worry it isn't in YOUR dictionary)

Dream home: Larger

Room you are in: bedroom

Your ex: GONE!

Your fear: unsure

Where you want to be in 10 years: healthy

Who you hung out with last night:Kids

What you're not: Red Supremest...(ask Shannon)

Muffins: Yum!

Something on your wish list: Manicure

Time: slipping

Last thing you did: Blog

What are you wearing: PJ's

Favorite weather: FOG!!!

Favorite book: Bible

Last thing you ate: Smarties

Your Life: Improving

Your Friends: Heroes

What are you thinking about right now? Sleep

Your Car: Stretch

What are you doing at the moment? Blogging

Your summer: hot

Relationship status: forever

What's on your TV?Leno

What's the weather like? crisp

When's the last time you laughed? tonight

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