Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just so ya know.

We are taking a sabbatical. I have been asked a lot lately what Quintin and I are doing; are we looking for a church? Are we gonna start a church? Are we in ministry at the super awesome church Christian Life Fellowship where we attend? No that is the answer to all of those questions. We are taking a break. Last year, 2007 was hard. Very hard.

We started off the year in the 9th month of our first Senior Pastorate. We were pouring our hearts out, and having it quickly mopped up and handed back to us. As if we were making a mess instead of ministering. More happened, but that is all God's problem and well I think he is big enough to handle it. However, it hurt. It really hurt. It left some HUGE scars. We are gonna have to recuperate. We need to heal.

After we left that church, we went into limbo. Q has been a full time preacher for 8 years. He is the smartest man I know, but he doesn't have a "Secular" degree. Because of that he has had a hard time finding a job. So he is currently working two, trying to just pay the bills. So if someone happens upon this blog and needs a super smart, extremely hard worker, and wants to pay him well, let me know.

So, we are taking some time to heal. We are open to whatever God wants us to do. In the mean time, we are attending an AWESOME church, CHRISTIAN LIFE FELLOWSHIP IN CALERA... It has the most awesome people, and ministries. Matt is on the drama team, and puppet team, and a Kids church helper. Nana, Tym, Anny, and Matt are all on the Junior Bible Quiz team. We love it. God is healing our wounds, and we will rise from this victorious.
I covet your prayers. Thank you.

P.S. If you hover your mouse over the place right below here that says a # and comments, it is a link to leave comments. Many people have emailed me and asked how to comment. Or you can email me at

Love ya! DaNella


Etta :) said...

WOW!! I will be keeping your family in prayers. I know that the Lord didn't bring you this far to just let you wallow in will find a better purpose than before. Maybe it is right there in front of you and you just can't see it yet.....

DaNella Auten said...

Yay God touched Q, and just 6 mos later, we are again pastors. God is good.

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