Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wrestleing... did I spell that right?

Tymothie and Matt had a wrestling match Saturday. Right about this pic is where Tym lost a tooth. Yeah I am serious. It was one of his front teeth that was loose anyway, and as he hit the mat, it went flying... It was cool, he got back in there and beat the kid...

Yes, Matt is supposed to be chasing the ump. They have kids on the mat that will bop the ump when it is time for the round to end. Matt being the charismatic kid he is, 100 miles from home, doesn't know anyone, got them to let him be and ump tapper. lol Even after loosing a tooth, Tym still came in Fourth in his weight class.

Matt, well he put up a good fight, but he got double eliminated in his first two rounds... Next time.

1 comment:

Etta :) said...

WOA!! All that "wraslin" looks intense. Pretty cool that he lost a tooth, though. :)
Seriously don't know if I could get into it, but I suppose if it were my son on the mat, then I maybe I am thankful we have all girls. LOL

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