Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let's just have a little moral debate here shall we?

Sure. Why not. Sooo suppose you were employed by a large company to clean their offices. Lets also suppose they have garbage cans clearly marked "recycle only." Would it be ok for you to go through those garbage cans, and take out all of the aluminum cans and take them home with you? Or is it stealing. Please let me know what you think.

No... I haven't been raiding garbage cans... I saw something that made me think of it...

What would you do? Is it ok to do in the first place? Should I/you, confront the person?


Aaron said...

I work for a large corporation and employees take home aluminum cans all the time. The company does not mind. However they don't use recycled bins for them.
I don't know if their bins are outside or in or if it matters. I think it's ok since they are being recycled either way. But I would have to know the company's policy.
I would not do it. I know of some laws that forbid some one to go thru the bins. Company policy rules on this one.

tiffanyrenea said...

Reading this, I am having a hard time trying to formulate a legitimate reason for why this is wrong. Is it stealing if it was being recycled anyway? I guess it is my conscience. For me, it wouldn't FEEL right, and even though I cannot justify the feeling in logic, we are given intuition for a reason, right? Love you DaNella!

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