Thursday, January 29, 2009

Words... words.

So, several of my friends have chosen a word for the year... You can see their words here, Tami, Aaron, and Deanna... I wanted to choose one too, but none would come to me. I prayed and prayed and listened and listened... I remembered a phrase that I had heard a pastor say back before the beginning of the year, he said that he was believing for Unexpected Opportunities... I liked it, and it kept coming back to me, but I was looking for a word, and not a phrase... Then I realized hey, I am different anyway... Might as well have a phrase as a word, so here is my word... or words. I am believing for Unexpected Opportunity's! Here is a picture of an unexpected opportunity... a patch of daffodils growing in the middle of the Forrest, and daffodils are my favorite flower!... Do you have a word? A Phrase? Has God already showed you a theme for this year?


Aaron said...

You are an outside the box kinda gal ;-)

Becky said...

I like your theme. Mine is expect the unexpected. :-D

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