Thursday, February 5, 2009

P things I love...

P things I love . Sue at the cotton patch challenged us to leave a comment and she would assign us a letter and we then had to write a list of things starting with that letter that we love.
The letter I was assigned was P so lets see…
The first thing that comes to mind is the Purple People eater… Ok so he doesn’t exist… Remember that song? I love it, I can remember singing it and playing with my friends, the first of my many Christys, Christy Wilson and I used to plat that RECORD and sing and dance to it all the time… lol So I love happy memories.
Parents—thank God for wonderful Godly parents! And thank God for the chance to be parents.
Precious—our little puppy dog. She really is precious… most of the time. Here is a picture I took of her yesterday... she is getting bigger all the time.
Pictures—perhaps this one would be better titled Photography. It is not just the pictures I love but the chance to take them also. I have several pictures floating around in my head, and I have to use my camera (which by the way is named serendipity…) to find and capture these pictures.
Plethora—I love the sound of that word… but yes there are a plethora of things I love, my hubby, my kids, my church, my nieces, my nephews, my friends, my camera, my house, my camera, my computer, my camera, my… do you get the idea I love my camera? Oh and my new lens… too cool.
Ok, if you want to play, simply comment and I will assign you a letter.
Thanks guys!

Editor's note added after initial post... I have to say I love Policemen... One picked me up this morning when I was stranded on the side of the road in 18 degree weather. Praise the Lord for Policemen... Funny that my letter was P. Tell me God doesn't have a since of humor!

Oh and I put in a link to Sue's blog... Sorry Sue!

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Sue said...

GREAT JOB....only you would add policeman and know that God knew you would give thanks for Him sending one your way. You are awesome!

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