Thursday, February 5, 2009

sooooo how was your day?

I'm so glad you asked, let me tell you about it. Well it started to go down hill or rather up hill, it was such a roller coaster, when on my way to school, the car over heated. Ever seen the back seat of a cop car?
See picture on rt... Yeah that's about right. cept mine was vinyl, not metal as that appears to be.

Why was I in a cop car? More specifically the back seat? Well...

My car overheated. That in itself is amazing since it was 18 degrees outside! So I pulled over and called Q (my hero!) and he said he would come to get me as soon as he could. However, since it was 18! degrees outside, the nice officer stopped and offered me a ride, he took me to Wal-mart, so I could wait for Q.

I told him I wished I had a camera with me so I could take a picture for my blog... lol

Ok so we're clicking up the hill (the roller coaster silly did you fall off? This ride ain't over yet!) click. click. click. Q came and got me, we drove the car home, and it seamed to be fine, but Q took me to school just in case... He didn't want me to be stranded again. He's so sweet... So I get to school, and go to class, even have a quiz and do pretty good... Yay. Down a hill we go!

Well then up another hill, I had to wait from 12:30 until 2:30 for a ride. That's ok, while I was at Wal-Mart this morning I bought Fireproof! so I just got out my lap top and watched it. Whee! down another hill.

This was a pretty good long hill, as I finished the movie, Q came and got me, and then we went home. As we were pulling up in the drive way, a kid ran out with the phone for Q, a person was on the phone offering him a job. Yay since his current job is dropping down to 3 days a week, another job would be good.

So since it is a nice evening Q took the kids out to the back yard to play some soft ball. Whee! we're having fun! until. You guessed it. Who'd a thunk it? The softball had a homing signal for Juju's nose. Yep ever hear that sickening sound of something solid thunking a melon? Not a good one. So... up the hill we go, off to the emergency room to spend the evening. They basically said they couldn't do anything until the swelling went down so she will have to be checked on Monday. If you look closely you can see her rt side is pretty swollen. She isn't seriously hurt, so Whee! down another hill we go.

However, attempting to get some "fast" food at Captain D's? Not so much. That was an up hill battle. But the final down hill slope was a good one.

I got home and was getting ready to post this and check my email, and low and behold there was another email from someone else offering Q a job! Praise the Lord!

But wait, there's more! I also got an email from the local weather man James Spann that said...

Hey DaNella

Yep... the book looks great. And, a good job with the microburst definition.Looks like some very good encouraging stories... I look forward to finishing it. Thanks again and have a great week!


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! That's a good hill!

Wow, what a ride wonder how tomorrow will be?

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