Thursday, April 2, 2009

Childlike Faith

Tymothie with my dad at Christmas time.

The economy, the economy, the economy. That seams to be all the we hear lately. With the newly elected president, people are especially worried about the economy.
Some of you think that just because you are reading this book (blog) that I am well off , that just ain't so! As a matter of fact, the other day Tymothie (8) said "Why don't we get food stamps anymore? We need em."
I said, "Well , when I got a job (20 hrs a week) they think we make too much money now."
He said, "Well, we don't! Especially with daddys job going to cut back to three days a week."
I said, "Are you worried?"
He said, "No, it's probably part of God's plan some how...."
Wow the faith of a child. I need some of that!

Mark 9:24 "Lord, I believe! Help my lack of faith."


Becky said...

Awesome reminder that God sees the whole picture and in fact as painted it Himself. Thank you Danella.

Sue said...

Goodness...I believe I hear a little of DaNella in your son!

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