Friday, April 3, 2009

Me and My Shadow... (singing)

If you don't know that song, ask your mom... or go archive Brady Bunch episodes, I think Carol and Marsha did it for a talent show once... I digress... My point is I love my Hubby! We love to be together and do things together. Our marriage has to be our first priority, right after God. We are just getting to that "built in babysitter" phase, our two oldest (bio) are 13, and 12 and they will keep our two youngest 8, and 7 for us to get away. The other day our 8 year old said, "Do you two (speaking of me and my hubby) always have to go everywhere together?" We said, no, but we want to. Que is absolutely my best friend.

My friend Deanna wrote an article about this same thing on the site "Take Root and Write" it is specifically for pastor's wives, but anyone can learn a lot from this article.

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